Hallie and Aisha helping baby American eels over the Horseshoe Pond dam at Weweantic, April 2006.

The  Quarry




In the span of an hours time these two young ladies, Hallie and Aisha helped thousands of baby eels continue along their fantastic voyage from the waters of the Sargasso Sea to the bog ponds of Carver and South Middleboro Massachusetts. That's the good news. The bad news is these two young ladies did more for the American eel in an hour than the regulatory agency charged with managing them has done in the past year. The Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission, despite their own concerns and questions regarding listing the American eel as an endangered specie has taken no action to reduce harvest of the American eel. The harvest limits for the American Eel continue to be one of the most liberal of all our in shore species, and the most liberal of any fish specie harvested from freshwater. What are you, your State, or your Conservation Organization doing to help the American eel this spring?