The Spednic Triangle

And its Killer Alewives

Recently declassified government photo's reveal the truth about Spednic Lake's killer alewives.

In 1995 Navy seal teams disguised as fishermen were dispatched deep into the wilds of the Saint Croix River watershed in the State of Maine. Their destination was Spednic Lake, at the epicenter of the mysterious Spednic Triangle. Their mission was to determine if in fact alewives were destroying the once famous smallmouth bass fishery. Below are the shocking photo's of what they discovered.

Monster alewives capable of devouring a grown man.


Here a seal team leader struggles to remove his severed hand from the maw of the beast.

Evil eyes

Two more hapless victims

Due to the heavy casualties the Battleship Massachusetts set sail for the Bermuda Triangle. From there it was mysteriously transported to the Spednic Triangle where it dispatched the beasts once and for all.

Peace in the Valley


Funding for this effort was provided by the Art Bell Roswell Area 51 Foundation for peculiar happenings.