Satucket River, below Robbins Pond in East Bridgewater


The Satucket River watershed includes parts of Abington, Whitman, Hanson, East Bridgewater and Halifax. It is fed by the Poor Meadow Brook which takes in the flow of Shumatuscacant River which drains Abington and Whitman. Poor Meadow Brook then joins  the Satucket just below Robbins Pond in East Bridgewater. Above Robbins Pond, is Stump Brook. This drains down through Halifax from Monponsett Pond to form Robbins Pond which then turns into the Satucket River at itís outlet.

This River drainage from Monponsett to Stump Brook to the Satucket formed an important transportation link for the Wampanoags. By traveling up the Taunton River from Mount Hope Bay they could cross over up the Satucket to the North River watershed into Massachusetts Bay. It  was also rich in Alewives that came up river each spring to spawn in Robbins and Monponsett Ponds. In fact up until the 1950's the Satucket maintained run's of Alewives all the way up to Monponsett. However, today in our more environmentally enlightened era they do not?

Evidence of the Alewives importance to the Wampanoags can be found a short distance above Plymouth St in East Bridgewater. In summer time when the water is low you can see one of the few surviving stone fish weir's built by the Wampanoags. This weir is unusual in that it's narrow or catching end faces down stream rather than upstream. This may indicate that it was designed for catching juvenile alewives, or adult American eels which migrate from the ponds to the ocean in the fall to spawn.

Picture's of the Weir

Why are there no Alewives in Robbins and Monponsett Ponds?