Salisbury Plain River, below Pleasant St, East Bridgewater

All of the following pictures were taken in the spring and summer of 2002


The Salisbury Plain River watershed includes parts of Avon, Holbrook, Abington, Stoughton and the City of Brockton. Out of which flow Salisbury Brook, Trout Brook, Searles Brook, Malfardar Brook, Cary Brook and Edson Brook.. With this abundance of waterways the area now known as the city of Brockton must have supported an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem. Trout Brook which flows along the eastern part of the city by its name alone provides evidence of  this. Oddly enough another clue can be found in the growth rings of the city’s trees. A thirty inch diameter oak growing in the deep rich river loam of the city would be perhaps one hundred ten years old. The same size tree growing in the shallow soils of Easton or Stoughton  would be nearly twice that age. During spring floods unsuspecting home owners also find evidence of what was once there. When the old swamps bubble up through the asphalt and storm drains to creep into they’re living rooms. Or when a door doesn’t shut quite right because they’re home has shifted on the ancient bog below.

 Trout Brook and Salisbury Brook are the primary streams draining the north, central and eastern parts of the city. They both have been channeled along their courses and put underground in some areas. Both receive large loads of sediment and sand from road runoff along with the usual assortment of rubbish.  They are also the recipients of significant quantities of point source pollution from known and unknown sources.


Trout Brook above Crescent St in Brockton, where the city illegally discharges the Cosgrove swimming pool into the river.


New July 2003 Photo Gallery of Brockton's illegal discharge into Trout Brook


 The Salisbury Plain River begins at the confluence of Trout and Salisbury Brook near the intersection of Grove and Crescent St. It then runs down through the Campello section of the city, paralleling route 28 before swinging to the east into the town of West Bridgewater. It then flows down into East Bridgewater to join Beaver Brook and become the Matfield River. The upper Salisbury Plain suffers from the same ailments as Trout and Salisbury Brooks.


Out fall of the vinegar swamp storm drain between Pine Ave and Grove St in the City of Brockton

On a recent visit to this site we were pleased to find that this channel had been cleaned up. On 12/19 we took a walk up the Salisbury Plain from Pine Ave. The channel has been excavated and the contaminated soil has been replaced with rip rap. Unfortunately illegal discharges continue to plague this drain. We will continue to monitor this site for illegal discharges.


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