April 6, 2004

This first photo is looking upstream from Pleasant St Bridge in East Bridgewater on Salisbury Plain River. In the lower right hand corner is where a small tributary enters Salisbury Plain. It shows the clean stream water mixing with the Brockton Sewer Plant  effluent which overwhelms the flow of the larger Salisbury Plain River.

The two photo's below are below the Pleasant St Bridge looking upstream.



Having dealt with both the Ma DEP and the city of brockton on these issues for the past several years, we know how they would respond to these photo's. "Well, you know we have had some heavy rains over the past couple days so the river water is bound to be dirty. It is not the sewer plant that pollutes the river, its all the runoff into the stream from the city above the plant that pollutes the good water coming out of the plant."


The photo below was taken about fifteen minutes after the above photo's were taken. It is of the Salisbury Plain River at the first street crossing upstream of the Brockton Sewer Plant, Sargents Way. Decide for yourself which one looks cleaner.


Two years ago the Ma DEP told us, and I quote "That's good water coming out of the Plant"

The site of the first three photo's is about two miles down stream from the Brockton Sewer Plant. The last photo is about a quarter mile above the plant in the City of Brockton.