Text Box: Taunton River 

A Natural Resource
Riverways Programs 
MA Department of Fish and Game
























Text Box: How important is Water 
Quality and Quantity?

 *Aquatic community 
 *Public health   





























































Text Box: How can data be used? 
New discharges 
Water quality impacts 
     Impacts to fisheries and public health 
New development 
     Water quality impacts 
    Instream flow affects  Habitat implications 
New water withdrawals 
  Instream flow impacts 
  Affects on fish structure and anadromous










Dams and water control structures are often manipulated to manage stream flows.  Often impoundments are drawn down, or nearly emptied, in order to control nuisance vegetation in the fall and then refilled in the early spring.  During the drawdown period, stream flows downstream are higher than natural and during refill periods, flow can be cut off completely!





















Text Box: Gaps in what is known
     305b majority of reaches unassessed 
   Nutrient work shows problems 
   An integration of available information      
   Watershed-wide analysis 
   Flow and water quality combined 







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Text Box: Available Information
   305(b) assessments 
  TRWA and BSC nutrient studies 
  Water supply studies 
  EIRs from local projects (Aquaria, etc.) 
  Point source data 
  Riverways low flow inventory 

Text Box: Data can inform.
Identify problems for follow-up and remediation 
Compile baseline data for future comparisons 
Provide information for decision makers 
Provide information for resource users and public 
Provide supporting information to bolster funding  requests. 

Text Box: A Wealth of Possibilities
Text Box:  Thermal 
  Color  odor 
Text Box:  Water chemistry 
Text Box:  

Text Box: How Healthy is the River?
What are the different assessment methods used to determine quality? 
What is the best assessment approach? 
u What do we need to know? 

Text Box: Misperceptions
 There is a thorough understanding of how     aquatic ecosystems work 

Someone is dutifully monitoring all our        waterways 
Industry is the sole source of water pollution