Taunton River Water At Titicut St. Bridgewater Ma.

Nutrient Pollution

The following pages contain information on nutrient and other pollutants, their presence and impact on the aquatic ecosystem's of Taunton River.

The following pages provide basic information on nutrients and water quality indicators.


Taunton River A Natural Resource

A presentation for the Taunton River Wild & Scenic Study Committee by Cindy Delpapa & Margaret Kearns of the Ma Riverways Program  Here

MA Riverways Low Flow Inventory Page (Read it, Learn it, Know it, these folks are the best!!!!!) HERE

Matfield & Salisbury Plain Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment Report And Management Plan by ESS Group Inc.  Here  

Excellent easy to understand article on the impacts of nutrient pollution on our costal rivers & estuaries.  Here


Taunton River looking upstream from Titicut St. Bridgewater August 2002

Taunton River looking down stream from Vernon St. Middleboro August 2002

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