This is the first obstruction that the alewives meet on their journey home. It is the dam on the Town River in Bridgewater just below High St. At this point the alewives have traveled about 40 miles inland. On the far right of this photo is the fishway. If it weren't for the volunteer efforts of a group of fishy Bridgewater citizens who maintain and repair this passage this would likely be the furthest point of the alewives journey up the Town River.

Once past here the alewives move up through the fishway at War Memorial Park Dam, after passing this obstruction they continue up stream into the wildlands of the Hockomock Swamp. Deep in the center of the swamp they bear to the north up the West Meadow Brook. They will then move up under Elm St., then under Rt.106 in West Bridgewater. From here they move up to the old Mill Pond Dam on Crescent St. Although there is no fishway at this dam there is an old by pass channel that went around the dam. During high spring flows they use this channel to by pass the dam and get upstream. At this point they have traveled close to 50 miles inland and are only about half a mile from the outlet of West Meadow Pond.

Finally they arrive, just below the outlet of West Meadow Pond after their 50 odd mile journey from Mount Hope Bay. And look, lo and behold there is a welcome sign here.

What a relief, we are welcome here by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and they even go out of their way to restore wildlife here. They even welcome high brow slobs, and low brow slobs, were sure to be welcome here! Well come on boys and girls lets get to the pond and make some whoopie.