Crack in wall of Station St. in Brockton, on the Salisbury Plain where this white liquid flows into the river.



This site is off Perkins Ave. between Station and Forest Streets next to Churchill Linen Service. The river is channeled between concrete walls here, where it runs through an industrial section of the city. The flow coming from this crack seems to be intermittent, some times flowing stronger than this and at other time not flowing at all.

We found this spot on an early morning walk up the stream this summer. The morning we found it the flow was quite strong and the river was stained a white milky color for quite some distance down stream. Unfortunately we did not have a camera that morning, so on the following morning we returned to the scene with camera ready. The following is an account of the events of that morning.

I arrived at the river at about 6:30 am and proceeded to walk downstream to the crack in the wall. In so doing I had to walk by the linen cleaning plant which is perhaps fifty feet from the river bed. As I walked down stream a man stuck his head out of a window and hollered "hey what are you doing in the river" I replied, that I was walking in it. He then bellowed "why are you walking in the river?" To which I replied, because I like walking in rivers. At this point he went back in the plant and began hollering "there is someone in the river, there is someone in the river." As I continued down stream I thought it somewhat strange that he would create such a fuss over my walking in the river.

When I arrived at the crack I began taking pictures of the white fluid flowing into the river. As I was doing this two men from the plant came to the river bank above me. At this spot the plant is no more than ten feet from the river. As I snapped a picture one of the men asked me what I was doing to which I replied, "I am taking pictures". He then gave me one of those NO @$^&* kind of looks and asked what I was taking pictures of. I pointed to the white fluid and the crack and told him that was what I was photographing. They both looked down at the crack curiously and acknowledged that the fluid was there. They then went on to assure me that although it looked and smelled like laundry fluid it surely wasn't coming from their plant. To which I promptly returned his $#@!**&^%$ kind of look.

We talked for awhile and they seemed like nice enough guys. When I asked them why they were so shook up about me walking down the river they began laughing. Apparently the previous weekend there was a fellow tramping up and down the river in woman's underwear. When the guys in the plant began heckling him he took the woman's underwear off and began running up and down the river naked, threatening to kill himself. At which point they called the local constabulary, who promptly hauled the disturbed fellow off to Bridgewater.

I assured the two plant workers that I did not wear woman's underwear and that if I did have a mind to, the Salisbury Plain probably would not be the appropriate place for it. We laughed and talked for awhile about the river and the plant. I told them that the DEP would probably be down to check it out sometime soon and that I hoped we could get the issue resolved.


Whether or not this problem has been fixed we do not know. It is a difficult spot to access and the fact that it is intermittent adds to the problem. We are continuing to check the site as time allows and hope to get it squared away sometime in the near future.