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Our experience has taught us that the best way to address many of the problems we talk about here is by first being curious and second by being persistent. We have learned not to assume that someone else is tending to a specific problem or issue, because often they are not. When you ask a question of a town, city or other official about a specific issue or problem do not automatically assume it is the correct answer or explanation just because they said it. If their answer is unsatisfactory then do the homework yourself find the answer and then put them on the spot. Like the old lawyer adage "know the answer before you ask the question".    

Although we have strict environmental laws, and many government agencies to enforce them, if they do not know about a problem or violation they cannot enforce it. Further more the Ma Department of Environmental Protection like many other agencies has recently suffered deep budget cuts which has reduced their personnel in the field. We may poke fun at them from time to time but they are good people who do care and take pride in what they do.

It is by working with them in pursuit of the goals set forth in the Clean Water Act that we can effect change regarding the issues we write about and you may be concerned about. The DEP and the EPA  cannot do it alone nor should they, we know our own waterways best, they are ours and we should determine their future. In essence we are the force that pulls the trigger which sets the machinery of enforcement and regulation into motion. Sometimes it's a hair trigger and will go off quickly, other times you might find it somewhat rusty and may have to kick it a bit, but overall it does work pretty well.

 As a group we at Glooskap and the Frog try to approach these issues with a sense of humor, and try to reflect this on our website. We hope this humor is not taken as making light of these issues. We take them very seriously and pursue their resolution with a great deal of persistence and effort. What we lack in organization we make up for in on the water effort, if you would like to be a part of our efforts please get in touch with us.

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