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My adventure on the Kennebec River

A True Story by Hallie Watts

Eagle Island Painting by Hallie & Danny Watts


I had an adventure on the Kennebec River. I went on my canoe on a rainy day in Maine on the Kennebec River. My friends Peter and Katherine came along. We slept in the canoes on the way to the island we were going to. We woke up when we got to Eagle Island. We played watch the elephant float. We made sand castles and swam in the river. We played sand monster, the sand monster was Peter. We ran up and down the hills and climbed over fallen trees and boulders. We slept in the same tents and ran out for breakfast at the same time. We had cereal for breakfast and we had kielbasa and hot hotdogs for dinner.

We played games and read books and in the morning we explored the island. We went around the island and my uncle found a broken toilet seat and a toilet. We went looking for eagle feathers, but we didnít find any, but my dad did he is an expert at finding feathers.

I watch the fire at night when itís cooking food for dinner. People litter there but we pick it up. We care for rivers and make sure they are always clean. And stick feathers in the ground to mark our territory. We make shadows to scare the boys at nighttime, we make shadows at daytime too. We make forts to get dark and we use flashlights to make puppets. My parents watch the puppet show.

We watch my dad and my uncle jump off the boom islands into the water. We played keep away from the dog and finders keepers losers weepers. We watch plays (Katherine usually does those) she is really good at plays. We make feathers from rocks and sand, we watch uncle Doug scuba dive. We watch my puppy shake on my brother. We bring string and make braids to put in our hair. We watch each other swim and try to fly with feathers.




My Fourth of July

I went up to Maine for the weekend to my Uncleís house we got there really late but there was a Fourth of July festival we went to bed after we ate our Fried Dough. We woke up real early the next day so we could get a head start on the canoe trip. Mommy and I got there at the same time as daddy and Danny. First we set up camp then we played in the water then it rained so we went into the tents and stuck our heads out to see if it had stopped raining. When it had finally stopped raining we played in the water until our chairs dried because they were wet from the rain .

After, we got things for the fire because it was getting dark out so we made the fire. We had dinner and cooked símores .we went to look for crayfish and see who found the most before it was time for bed. At bedtime we played Guess Whoís Talking and See Who Can Jump The Farthest. After we went to sleep . I woke up the next morning to find it was only 5:00 A.M. we then ate breakfast. After we got our bathing suits on we played and fooled around then we jumped off the log in the water. Then we had lunch and went back to play in the water.

Then we watched Daddy and Uncle Doug jump off boom islands. Then we had dinner, made símores, looked for crayfish, and went to bed. The next morning we ate breakfast, and took a swim and left. We adventured at Clay Creek stopped at Sturgeon Point and got of at the boat launch and slept at my uncles house. The next day we went home.

The End