It's because we look really scary from a fish eye view.

On a recent family sabbatical to the Kennebec River the question of why fish were afraid of me popped into my pea sized brain. From past experience I deduced that it was not my angling prowess. Although I am quite skillful at hooking trees, rocks, weeds and myself, no self respecting fish would be the least bit frightened by the sight of me with fishing pole in hand. I also felt quite confident that it was not a sixth sense, or a fear of me harming them in any way, after all I really love the little fishies, and also hug trees on occasion. 

Therefore, I decided to do an experiment to confirm my theory of us looking really scary from a fish eye view. In order for the results to stand up to peer review I began the planning stages which consisted of several visioning sessions followed by a lengthy Charette. Fortified by several cans of beer and a bag of peanuts I sallied forth (stumbled) with underwater camera in hand to a shallow riffle in Kennebec. The following photo's of my squash looking into the water from above confirm without doubt that we (or at least I ) am really scary looking to fish.