Within the red rectangle is where our good friends, the baby eels scale the Horseshoe Pond dam abutment. Trickles of water leak through the cracks in the granite from the pond above, and the eels follow. It's about a three foot vertical climb to the uppermost  seam below the red line. How they make their way through the granite to the pond and river above is a mystery of sorts, but some of them do make it. Unfortunately most are devoured by predators or caught by elver poachers before they can get past this miserable pile of industrial waste. The following series of photos shows the baby eels heroic climb to their historic home in the Weweantic.


These are the baby eels amassing at the base of the dam.


Here they are at the beginning of their climb, coming out of the water and up the slope of the dam.

Here they are climbing vertically up the granite blocks to reach the trickles above.

Click on the thumb nails below to follow their journey.







 "Away with the superficial and selfish philanthropy of men, who knows what admirable virtue of fishes may be below low-water-mark, bearing up against a hard destiny, not admired by that fellow-creature who alone can appreciate it! Who hears the fishes when they cry?"

Henry Thoreau

Later in the summer when river flows drop their strategy changes.