The following is an example of how simple it can be to restore or take advantage of an environment altered by humans. The setting is the 150 acre West Meadow Pond, which is on the West Bridgewater, Brockton town line. The pond was created when an earthen dam was built across West Meadow Brook in West Bridgewater. West Meadow Brook is a tributary of the Town River. Town River is the primary stream draining the Hockomock Swamp and forms the beginning of the Taunton Great River where it joins the Matfield River.

This is in now way meant to slight the Ma Division of Marine Fisheries Anadromous Fish Department. We have nothing but good things to say about these folks and have always found them to be forthright and helpful. Unfortunately their operating budget has been slashed to the point where they cannot function effectively. The department now consists of only two individuals who are responsible for the up keep and maintenance of all the fish runs in the state. This is a disgrace!

While our congressional delegation fights for funding and regulations to allow our commercial fishing fleets to continue decimating our already decimated groundfish stocks our anadromous fish passage infrastructure and research programs fall into states of disrepair and non existence for lack of funding.

Each spring alewives move up the Taunton Great River from Mount Hope Bay, as they move upstream they disperse up various tributaries to the places of their birth to spawn the next generation. Every spring over the past several years we have found adult alewives below West Meadow Pond in West Bridgewater. Although alewives do not have access to the pond and therefore cannot spawn in it, they continue coming back here. This may be a result of some spawning occurring in the small pond down stream of West Meadows called Mill Pond which is above Crescent St. in West Bridgewater. If access (a fish way) were provided at the outlet of West Meadow Pond a significant run of alewives could be established throughout its 150 acres. The following pages are a brief photographic journal of the alewives 50 mile inland journey to nowhere.

The Destination West Meadow Pond