Weweantic River Stream Team


Based on Shoreline Survey, May 2001



Issues to Report

Share information about problems with city officials, including the DPW, Conservation Commission and Board of Health. Support actions to solve these problems:

Concern over Horse Farm at East Street Bridge, Carver. (manure in flood plain) Work with Conservation Commission agent to address problem in best way

Silt fence at Route 28 Bridge appears to be left over from construction and silt building up (Section 4). Report to Wareham, Conservation Commission.

Find source and problem of the "black mayonnaise" in estuary.

Send a letter of concern to the appropriate town boards about problem areas.

Short Term

Present copy of Shoreline Survey Report and Action Plan to town boards.

Board of Health testing- Look into how the Beaches Bill will be implemented. See to better posting and explanation of water quality testing results.

Long Term

Monitor pipes in lower estuary/bay area for longer-term remediation if necessary, or to include in road repairs.

Connect in with monitoring results for river (Coalition for Buzzard's Bay)

Geese along Sippican River could contribute to water quality problems.


Educate and raise awareness to get people talking about the river and increase

the river's constituency.

Short Term

Send a letter of concern to the appropriate town boards about problem areas.

Write up report and survey results and submit to town boards for more involvement.

Connect with local watershed and land trust associations to see how to combine efforts on common issues of concern.

Write up report and survey results and submit to town boards for more involvement.

Work with Conservation agents from all three towns on a river-wide level (Carver, Wareham and Marion)

Long Term

Involve more local residents in the Stream Team through better publicity and notice.

Work to get regular articles in the paper on the river and related issues.



Promote riverís value as recreational tool and provide for better access.

Short Term

Briarwood Beach launching area- Reduce trash, pollution and overuse by working with local association and town to potentially reduce or restrict access.

Sand from canoe access at Rt. 28 silting into river.

Better tide notification at estuary public access ramp.



Work to reduce trash overall, and organize cleanups to target specific areas.

Fishing area at Route 6T

Brairwood Beach Point at the power line area

Town camp area


Short Term

Work with Conservation Commission issues impacting habitat and flow, including:

River is blocked due to cut pine trees in segment 7;

Area is cleared along riverbank at bog pump house just above Rt. 58 bridge;

Address problem areas with appropriate authority:

Purple loosestrife is invading along banks on Sippican River.

Water level at Tremont Pond Dam. Lower level leaves plants and critters out of water and causes bad odor of decay.

Possible eelgrass damage from over recreation in estuary.

Long Term

Horseshoe Pond Dam

Investigate with appropriate agencies and boards the possibility of improved fish passage at dam (River Restore Program and Division of Marine Fisheries)

Conserve lands around pond for access and habitat

Tremont Pond Dam- Look into possibility of fish passage at the dam. Had previously been studied