This is a great study carried out by ESS Group. It is the first and by far the most detailed analysis of water quality in the upper Taunton River Watershed. Bear in mind that this was a Nonpoint Source Pollution Study therefore there is no mention of the Brockton Sewer Plant and its influence on the findings of this study as it pertains to the mainstem of the Salisbury Plain and Matfield Rivers.

In the near future we will be breaking down this report and combining it with studies and water quality monitoring done by Bridgewater State College and the Taunton River Watershed Alliance. This is some really good information that will go along way towards addressing water quality issues in the whole Taunton River System.


Matfield & Salisbury Plain Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment in PDF format...... HERE  (for summary of Matfield and Salisbury Plain mainstem see page 53 for Matfield and page 90 of this report for Salisbury Plain) See page 55 for the following statement about the Matfield. Evidence of primary recreation (swimming) was noted at the site in the form of a rope swing. It is advised that such activities should be actively prohibited.

 The tables and charts from this report containing Nutrient, Bacteriological and Dissolved Oxygen data are..... HERE (page 2 of this section gives the locations of the various sample sights and their abbreviations)

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