Salisbury Plain River West Bridgewater Massachusetts July 15 2003

Since our trip in 2001 we have traveled these two rivers many times, exploring, observing, marveling and learning. The following pages are an account of some of our findings.

Because snappers live an extremely long time and therefore have a unique historical perspective of past river conditions, we have began an informal summer survey of how they feel about our stewardship of the Salisbury Plain, Matfield and Taunton River.

We met this old snapper on the stream bank above the Brockton Sewer Plant. We asked her how she felt about our stewardship of her home stream. She turned about, and while displaying her ample backside walked off mumbling something about kissing it.


Unfortunately this dead American Eel didn't have much to say about the whole affair.


On the bright side, our river has certainly been blessed with a green thumb.


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