When the Pale Face came across the Big Waters (Te-che Gah-me), there were straight paths running through all our forests. Our warriors walked in them. They were very narrow. But our warriors' feet went straight forward. It did not hurt them to walk in straight, narrow paths. But the Pale Face could not walk in them. His toes turned out, he was trying to walk two ways at once. He could not walk straight. His ways were crooked. He came creeping into our wigwams at night. He crept in like a mouse that nibbles the children's corn. He had long fingers, so long that they would reach to the bottom of the sugar mo-ko-ks (birch bark boxes). He stole all the women's sugar out of them, made of the juice of the maple tree. And when our people told him of this, and he opened his mouth to speak, we saw that he had two tongues. One tongue laid very still ; the other moved very fast. The lying tongue walked very fast. The tongue that spoke the truth laid very still. It is like the brook that runs over the stones. None can stop its babblings.