This is a thirty six inch Wild Kennebec River Atlantic Salmon that doesn't know the meaning of the word can't. Neither do our good friends at Friends of the Kennebec Salmon. To learn more about this incredible river and the people restoring it click on the link below


Friends of the Kennebec Salmon

Archive of the historic fisheries of our New England Rivers


        More Good Eggs

Electronic Field Guide to Macro Invertebrates of Small Streams in Eastern Massachusetts Great resource to learn about our streams from the inside out.

MA Riverways Low Flow Inventory Page (Read it, Learn it, Know it, these folks are the best!!!!!) HERE

Follow the migration of an Osprey from the Vineyard to Assawompsett all the way to South America (good stuff) HERE

Wampanoag Tribe Of Gay Head (Aquinnah)

Taunton River Wild and Scenic River Study

MA Riverways Program    Need help with your river? You can find it here

MA Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program      These folks look out for our small treasures as well as the large.

American Rivers    Great resource

Wabanaki Birch Bark Canoes

Massachusetts Archaeological Society

USGS - Titicut St. River Gauge

USGS - Titicut St Water Quality Sampling 1952 through 2001

The American Chestnut Foundation  

EPA - Envirofacts Warehouse   Provides wastewater discharge permit information for all permitted facilities. Proceed with caution, their hieroglyphic like codes can tie your brain in a knot.

EPA - ECHO - Environment and Compliance History on line    This is similar to the above sight, but much more user friendly. Thank you EPA.