Please join us in helping the Upper Taunton Rivers most degraded and polluted tributary, the Matfield River.

Next Meeting February 9, 7:00 pm West Bridgewater Public Library

Although we have completed the initial physical survey of the Matfield we continue to meet monthly to address the many challenges before us. All are welcome.

To lend a hand please contact Tim Watts 508-946-6191.


What is a Shoreline Survey?

A Shoreline Survey is a group of local volunteers from all walks of life who get together in support of their river by participating in a visual shoreline survey. They then come up with actions that will protect and restore the river. The Matfield River Shoreline Survey is a project of the Upper Taunton Wild and Scenic River Study, with training and support provided by the Massachusetts Adopt-A-Stream Program.

What is involved in being in a Shoreline Survey?

Members of the Shoreline Survey will perform a visual survey of the shoreline along the Matfield River. The goal of the Shoreline Survey is to observe and record the current conditions along the river's shoreline. The survey will deepen our understanding of the river's attributes and problems, and foster a sense of stewardship. Shoreline Surveys are a fun way to meet your neighbors, get out and explore the river, and help to educate your fellow citizens about the importance of this beautiful resource!


1-2 meetings are needed to plan the survey which will take place this fall.

The Massachusetts Adopt-A-Stream Program will provide training during one evening, just prior to the survey.

Conducting the survey (1 or 2 visits to the site).

An Action Plan will be written at a follow-up meeting after the survey is completed.

A report will be written with recommendations, Action Plan, and survey results.

Further follow-up meetings will be determined by the interests of the group, based on Actions presented in Action Plan and Shoreline Survey Report.

For further information on these programs and the river please visit the following.